Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A crazy year

So obviously I've been neglecting to update, but I feel I have a good excuse. I am about to graduate from college and I am planning my wedding which will take place exactly 3 days after my last class. Needless to say, my life is very busy.

The good news is that my fiance and I have found a nice little apartment which Umbra can run around. We move in in a couple of weeks which will be exciting but also time consuming.

I hope that once all of these major life changes have passed that I can again begin blogging frequently.

Until then I will give you an update on Umbra. She recently had her yearly check up and is in good health, although she could still stand to loose a few ounces. Umbra has also began to warm up to my fiance after nearly 3 years that I have had her. She now lets him pet her, but she also tries to eat his hair so he is scared of her now which is the silliest thing for a grown man to be afraid of.

Hope all is going well for all of you, and I hope that we can talk more again soon!


  1. Well thats good news about Umbra and the fact she is grooming your fiance means she approves of him now,so tell him that is a good thing as she approves,Good luck and Congratulaitons on your up comming wedding ,graduation and new apartment,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Oh Umbra, you're so beautiful!

    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and marriage to the future bunslave in training!! That's a lot to take on in just a few days! Good thing you have a bunny to keep you sane.. :)

  3. Wowwww ! Looks good! I don't think I have seen it here :( nice review)
    Lovely Realy!