Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jeez! I need to update more often!!

Sorry again for the lengthy hiatus =[.

Here are some videos of Umbra being a turd to make up for it!!!

This first one is Umbra making a mess. I finally caught her in the act! I keep finding piles of poops on the bed, and one night she had the audacity to do this in my presence! Does anyone else's bunny do this? She acts like she is going for a cecotrope but instead leaves a mess of half-munched bunny-berries. Sometimes she sits on the pile for a while like she's trying to hatch an egg. Sometimes I just don't understand her...


Okay, the next video is another peculiar habit of Umbra's. I noticed long ago that she has a strange attraction to fresh nail polish. Usually, I paint my nails in the living room, but I thought I could get away with painting them while watching Netflix in bed... I was wrong. I have never seen Umbra get so violent trying to get to my nails, before I started filming she was pulling on my shirt and she bit my finger twice! Again I have no explanation for this behavior, is this something that all bunnies do?

Also, just an update on Umbra's possible bonding to Roger... there is no update, my grandpa never got back to me.