Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where we are all headed..

.. crazy bunny lady/man. Saw this on Anderson Cooper this morning. Unfortunately, the embedding was not cooperating but you can follow the hyperlink above.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

My Rescue Bunny

Okay, so Rodger the rescued rabbit may be a small, ceramic figurine but I'm proud just the same. He was waiting for me at the cash/wrap when I came into work the other day with a  severed leg. When I had a moment I broke out the super glue and mended his wound. It took a few tries: the pieces were small and delicate and I glued them to my fingers in the process. And then I glued Rodger to the counter, glued my hand to the counter, glued my hand to Rodger and glued my hands together. Sadly, I already knew from past experience that I should avoid super glue at all costs.

Either way my efforts paid off. I purchased Rodger as-is for half price (employee discount does not apply). It may seem silly that I have such a soft spot for an inanimate rabbit, but I guess this is my way for preparing for future rescues of real rabbits. It will take a lot more patience than it will super glue, but I hope that rabbits are always a part of my life. I will one day make up for buying Umbra by saving those less fortunate lagomorphs.

I think that this event lead to a dream where I had three rabbits, including Umbra, and acquired a forth foster, who I hoped would be Umbra's husbun. The match wasn't to be, but at least I have realistic expectations in my subconscious wanderings.

I also had a pet vulture. Don't ask me why. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bunnies Blamed for the extinction of Neanderthals

A "New Scientist" article revealed a theory that the disappearance of prehistoric large mammals which were the prey of Neanderthals and the rise of rabbits may have lead to the extinction of our hominid cousins. The article explains that the Neanderthals were unable to strategize and use teamwork to catch rabbits when other food became scarce.

What is more important than this scientific discovery is that we should be looking for the lagomorphs' next target. By now you may be familiar with Denver airport's rabbit problem. Is this indication that rabbits will next wipe out Homo Sapiens? They have already infiltrated many of our homes (don't let them see this! I am typing this while out of the house to avoid Umbra, if she realized I have discovered her plot we will all be doomed!)


In reference to my last post, Speedy's mum of Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny, has pointed out that because Umbra has crazy whiskers, she is a Rex after all. Sorry for the confusion and panic. (Although her fur texture leads me to believe still that she may not be a pure breed, but she is still awesome in my book.)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Surprise

Today I drove down to Indy to photograph some rabbits fostered by a IHRS member. It was great to play with all the bunnies; all six had different personalities. I invited the fiance but he didn't come, but I think he regrets it because many of the rabbits were social ( I hope Umbra finds a cuddly husbun).

Anyway, I'm visiting my old roommates, so I'm going to keep this short, but I made a shocking discovery: I was playing with an adorable little rex girl who was also an amputee, and I told Mary, the foster mom, that Umbra must be a mixed rex because her hair is soft but a little longer and not so plush. I was informed that Umbra was probably a satin... I feel like a bad bun mom! Well I will be making an amendment to the blog description. I apologize for the false information.


Last night I filled up Umbra's hay manger before I went to bed. But as I was preparing to turn it in for the night I noticed my engagement ring was missing. I dug through the top flake of my 50lb box of hay (which I have barely made a dent in) and tore through Umbra's hay manger. No ring. Repeat process.

Well it was late I decided to try again in the morning. Lucky for me it was in the bottom of the manger and not the giant bale.