Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fosters needed

It seems like Indiana rescues have been flooded with confiscated rabbits the past year. The latest batch of 16 buns were taken from a snake breeder along with various other animals. However, IHRS fosters are still at capacity from the 300+ rabbits rescued from the former VP of the Rex Rabbit Breeders Association.

IHRS is concerned that the 16 buns will soon multiply since they were not caged separately: many of the rabbits are likely pregnant.

If you live in Indiana, or can transport some bunnies to other rescues or your own home, I know IHRS would greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately, my current living situation keeps me from fostering myself, but I will pass the news along.

You can contact IHRS on Facebook or via their website.


Do you remember how Umbra shredded the carpet (which happened to be brand new) in at least 4 places in my old apartment? Well I was worried that when I eventually moved out that the landlords would not be too happy.

I moved out last year, but my old roommate continued to live there another year. However, over the summer they all moved out, one moved in with a friend, and the other two roommates got a new apartment together with a foreign student from France.

Since it has been a couple month and I had heard nothing, I thought I was home free. . . . Until last night when Umbra's mischief and my inexperience in bunny-proofing when one of my old roomies messaged me on Facebook saying that I owed the apartment complex $67 for carpet damage. . .

Too bad Umbra can't get a job, of course I did say I would take full responsibility if it came down to it. Let this be a lesson for all you bunny people/renters= bunny-proof, bunny-proof, bunny-proof!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blind date

So I know I've been slacking in keeping up on posts here, but I have got some news that I definitely couldn't put off. I just got a call from my grandfather asking if I still wanted a rabbit. He had apparently forgotten that I already have one, but nevertheless asked if I would like another. The bun in question is a neutered male belonging to my great uncle (actually my step-great uncle, my family is complicated) who for some reason or another can no longer take care of him. I vaguely remember hearing about him last time I visited my grandparents; Roger Rabbit (we will have to change that name I think) is a house rabbit and gets along well with cats.

I told my grandpa I would have to make sure Umbra and Roger got along by introducing them first. He thought that was funny. "How do you introduce rabbits?" he asked. "Do you say.. what was your rabbits name?"




"Oh Pandora."

"No, it's Umbra." (needless to say he is hard of hearing and its nearly impossible to have a conversation over the phone).

"Oh well whatever, do you say well I'd like you to meet Roger?" He thought he was pretty funny.

Anyway, he said he would give me a call when the rabbit arrived at their house. Fingers crossed that he is in good health and that Umbra doesn't kill him (and that my mom doesn't kill me.. or her dad).