Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blind date

So I know I've been slacking in keeping up on posts here, but I have got some news that I definitely couldn't put off. I just got a call from my grandfather asking if I still wanted a rabbit. He had apparently forgotten that I already have one, but nevertheless asked if I would like another. The bun in question is a neutered male belonging to my great uncle (actually my step-great uncle, my family is complicated) who for some reason or another can no longer take care of him. I vaguely remember hearing about him last time I visited my grandparents; Roger Rabbit (we will have to change that name I think) is a house rabbit and gets along well with cats.

I told my grandpa I would have to make sure Umbra and Roger got along by introducing them first. He thought that was funny. "How do you introduce rabbits?" he asked. "Do you say.. what was your rabbits name?"




"Oh Pandora."

"No, it's Umbra." (needless to say he is hard of hearing and its nearly impossible to have a conversation over the phone).

"Oh well whatever, do you say well I'd like you to meet Roger?" He thought he was pretty funny.

Anyway, he said he would give me a call when the rabbit arrived at their house. Fingers crossed that he is in good health and that Umbra doesn't kill him (and that my mom doesn't kill me.. or her dad).


  1. This is going to be Umbra's reaction to bringing a strange wabbit into HER house...

    My dad sent this to me and I can't stop watching or laughing.

    1. ..which is why they will meet at my grandparents house lol

  2. Good luck should be interesting,can't wait to hear all about it,xx Rachel

  3. One step at a time! So far, so good ....