Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vet Visit Pictures

I'm doing a photo essay on having a house rabbit for photo journalism class. Here is some from Umbra's appointment today.

Vet Visit Results

Just got back from Umbra's check up. Overall she is in good health, and I think this is a good vet. She was very knowledgeable with plenty of experience with rabbits.

The vet thinks Umbra could stand to loose about a 1/4lb. I guess I spoil her a little bit.

She also checked out Umbra's wonky toe. She didn't think it was dislocated, but definitely was injured somehow. I was right about the nerve damage tho, the vet said that this had caused muscle atrophy in the toe, but it wasn't a serious issue. I asked about the sore hock too, and she said since the callouses aren't split they should be fine.

Next, she checked Umbra's teeth. There are a few points, but I guess they aren't serious. I should have them filed in a couple years.

Overall it was a good visit. Umbra won't need to go back for a year and is happy and healthy (okay maybe not so happy at the moment but she will get over it). Umbra behaved very well too; she was a little scared but not terribly, and didn't struggle when the vet handled her and didn't growl or bite at all. She got a treat when we got home (but there will have to be less of those.. little chunk).

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vet Check Up

Umbra has an appointment for the vet this Thursday. We haven't seen this vet before so I hope it goes well. Its just a yearly check up so nothing big, but I'm sure Umbra will make a fuss about it.

Monday, February 25, 2013

An Extended Joy of Rabbit Parenting

I noticed that when I stay up late working on homework Umbra has a habit of being brattier. I think she is cranky because she wants to sleep, like a young child that has missed there nap.

Now that I am on spring break I thought I would catch up on my shows. Of course now that it is not imperative that I stay up late working on a project, Umbra decides she will lay quietly in the corner instead of trying to eat my laptop.

Monday, February 18, 2013

You know you are a rabbit nerd when..

You comment on internet news stories saying things like "rabbits aren't rodents, they are lagomorphs.. get it right." And you people call yourselves journalists... I'm doubly ashamed.

Said video which incorrectly categorizes rabbits as rodents. Please feel free to shame the Weather Channel for their indiscretion. Last time I checked they didn't have the authority to discuss biology. Thank you.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Valentines

It's still a few days away, but Umbra made me something a little early.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rabbits in Children's Literature

While researching for the previous post, I came across a list on Amazon of the top ten rabbits in children's books. Until now I had not realized how many books I had enjoyed when I was little about bunnies.

Of course, "Peter Rabbit" is a classic. However, as a child it bothered me that Peter blatantly disobeyed his mother. Clearly I was the good child in my family.

Another classic, and another book which played with my emotions, but I was so happy for the velveteen rabbit to be reunited in the end. Now I have my own velveteen rabbit of sorts.

Another list of bunny books is supplied by Scholastic.

Not entirely sure, but this one seemed familiar. A few of the "Max and Ruby" series were listed as well.

This one was a particular favorite of mine. I believe it is still on our book shelf and can also be found on Amazon, under Rabbits- Animal books.

This last one didn't make any of the lists (at least not in the first five pages of the last one) but I remember reading it around 2nd grade.

What are a few of you favorite bunny books?

(images courtesy and

Forgot to Mention..

I would be the only one to spot coolple bunny stuff in a horror movie. A couple weeks ago the fiance and I went and saw "Mama". It was decently frightful, didn't care for the ending much, but I did really like a lamp in the shape of a bunny that was in the film.

Can't say for sure which ones of the following were the ones were featured in the film, but here are some that found.

This is closest I think to the movie. Plenty of colors. These are sold in England for 69 lbs (not weight, the currency, but my laptop only has $... do English laptops have the pound sign?)

Awfully cute as well. I believe it is based on the character, Miffy of a popular Children's book.

Also similar to the one from said movie.

Finally, a little more grown up and chic but just as cute.