Saturday, February 2, 2013

Forgot to Mention..

I would be the only one to spot coolple bunny stuff in a horror movie. A couple weeks ago the fiance and I went and saw "Mama". It was decently frightful, didn't care for the ending much, but I did really like a lamp in the shape of a bunny that was in the film.

Can't say for sure which ones of the following were the ones were featured in the film, but here are some that found.

This is closest I think to the movie. Plenty of colors. These are sold in England for 69 lbs (not weight, the currency, but my laptop only has $... do English laptops have the pound sign?)

Awfully cute as well. I believe it is based on the character, Miffy of a popular Children's book.

Also similar to the one from said movie.

Finally, a little more grown up and chic but just as cute.


  1. Must have set of colored light bunnies. Where did you find them?

    1. just on the internet. Search bunny lamp in google images.