Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Changes in the Past Year

I noticed this evening while trimming Umbra's nails that she no longer run and hides behind/under the furniture afterwards (or during if she gets particularly squirmy, and then I have to catch her all over again). She wouldn't even come out for a "please-forgive-me" treat.

Now she expects, even demands, a treat. A first she will run off, kicking at me (so rude), but she quickly comes back grunting and biting. "Give me a treat.. and then I will consider lessening your punishment".


  1. Sounds like she's done an excellent job of training you! ;)

  2. Umbra, I have four words for you. "Especially the white ones." Something you might want to think about the next time it's time to trim you nails.

    1. luckily I got that done a couple days ago lol.

      .. but she is taking out her revenge on the carpet right now so thanks =/ (she would have found another reason anyway)

    2. Umbra is such a lovely bunny. Thank you for sharing. We appreciate it, but are thoroughly in Umbra's camp so don't try to get away with anything.

  3. Yes - you are just such a slow learn - but she is getting you done.