Saturday, January 5, 2013

Umbra's Foot Part 2 (and other news)

See figure one (ipods do not take the highest quality picture, sorry).

Also an apology for Umbra is in order.. I did not mean to shut you in the closet earlier, you just blend in with the shadows (you are named after a kind of shadow after all). Sorry.

Another side note. I joke often about wanting to lint roll Umbra, and then someone told me it actually works quite well, especially with Rex fur which brushes do little to remove. So since all lint rollers have mysteriously gone missing (Lorna this is fodder for you next story). I had to buy another. It is a miracle and just in time for Umbra's big molt. I will make a video later about bunny lint rolling technique.


  1. No need to lint roll the buns... The roll on me and leave all their fluff on my clothes.
    On a serious note, I've also tried a humid/damp rag or paper towel to remove excess hair from the buns. It works quite well during massive molt season.

    ...and I have locked at least 2 of my buns in the closet before.

    1. yes the hair does get everywhere, the lint roller cuts down on all that flyaway fluff. If I just use the brush or when I pet her it goes all over the place, and with the dry air this time of year all the static makes it cling to me all the more. I always get fur in my mouth and nose.

      I have tried the damp towel trick but Umbra dislikes that even more. She runs whenever she sees one.