Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When there is a will there's a way...

... to destroy things.

So we finally got our new carpet in so I don't have to keep Umbra from trying to eating the exposed plywood, but don't worry she has found some other way to be mischievous. We still haven't reinstalled the baseboards, and I think we all know how much bunnies love to munch on drywall. Luckily, when they baseboards are replaced it should cover up the damage.

What's funny is that I was beginning to think I could trust Umbra to behave (like a human) while unsupervised. I have since been reminded that she is a bunny and will do bunny things like chew the walls and dig up the carpet.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dear Guest,

When I said you could pet Umbra and give her a treat I did not mean you can pick her up.

Dear Umbra,

Sorry please forgive me bunny-overlord.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nail trimming drama

As a human this is my logic when it comes time to groom bunny: "Hey, while I'm brushing bunny, I might as well cut her nails. No sense in trying to catch her twice. We will get it out of the way now..."

This is bunny's logic:


(note to self: remember to wear pants when cutting bunny talons)

P.S. An update on the Humane Society situation, they are not holding anymore volunteer orientations until August (or maybe it was September). Either way, kinda bummed. I did drop off a bag of hay and some toys that Umbra doesn't play with.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rough night

Umbra was feeling sluggish yesterday evening. I noticed that she had just been laying around, I gave her a frozen bottle thinking maybe she was hot. She acted like she couldn't get comfortable.

Then I realized it was past suppertime and Umbra had neglected to alert me to my negligence. But when I got her food, she continued to lay in the corner instead of her usual happy-food-time dance. She didn't seem to have drank much water either; her dish was still half full as it had been since the morning. Usually I have to fill it at least once a day.

Although I was worried, I managed to go to sleep. Around 4 a.m. I woke to Umbra munching on a shoebox. She still hadn't touched her pellets, but it looked like she may have eaten some hay. I sat up with her for a while and eventually she did have a few pellets, a long drink and some more hay.

When I got up around 9:30 she had finally eaten all of her pellets and was moving around more. She seems to be back to normal but I did call the vet. I am going to be keeping her under close observation for the next week in case of anymore scares, in which case we will have to see the vet. Need to get some Critical Care just to be on the safe side.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Was catching up on my subscription feed where I learned about this eco-friendly furniture that is sleek and modern, and includes a seat for your pets as well. I could see myself owning this! Having pet-safe furniture is even more important when your pets like to munch on it.

pic courtesy of M.pup

pic courtesy of M.pup
Unfortunately, the company is based out of South Korea, so I don't know how accessible they would be here.You can read more about this product at Treehugger and M.pup.

So much going on!

I will do this in chronological order:

1) Tuesday Umbra flopped. Yes flops are cute but its kinda a big deal, because Umbra hasn't flopped when she is petted in over a year. She quit doing it shortly after she was spayed with the exception of the occasional post-dinner/bed-time-flop (contact with human not required).

2) I went to Bloomington to visit my big bro again, leaving Umbra in the care of my mom. Like most holidays, she was simultaneously house/dog sitting for others so Umbra didn't get much attention and she let me know it when I got home.

I, however, did get my bunny fix while on vacation. Tried to convince my brother to adopt a cat as the area human society was having a Free Feline Friday event. He didn't get a cat, but he did decide to volunteer, probably walking dogs since he doesn't have the time or space for a dog of his own right now (side note: quietest dog kennel I have ever been too, those pups got so much attention they were wiped out!). In the meantime I met the resident bunnies, who were all spayed and neutered, although they could use a little more hay. I played with a lovely Silver Fox named Bao, and plucked a patchy Rex named Beatrice. All the buns were friendly and in good shaped, not stressed out and anxious like the ones at Elkhart Humane.

Bao who is incorrectly classified as a Dutch (pics via Petfinder)

Beatrice not looking as shabby as she did in person (pics via Petfinder)
Both of these girls have bond mates and are looking for forever homes, I definitely recommend Bloomington Animal Shelter to anyone in the area looking for a bunny or other animal.

3) Since my return Umbra has been up to mischievous self. This morning she nibbled a cable connected to the T.V. causing the signal to cut out, then I found this just moments ago...

Umbra has never put one of her blankies in the litter box! This one is usually stuffed in her hidey-hole a couple feet away. What's more is she also missed the mark when she peed. I guess this is revenge for leaving.

Just so you know Umbra dear, I do hate leaving you. I miss my bunny terribly and I hate that she gets so upset when I go. If I could I would take her everywhere with me, but I'm sure she wouldn't like that a whole lot either.

Monday, July 1, 2013

For Lorna Appleby of Fuzzy Creatures Blog

For the followers of Fuzzy Creatures, you might be amused by the dream I had a few nights ago. In the dream I woke up to a little black bunny digging under my bed. At first I thought it was Umbra but then I realized she was smaller. Soon more bunnies started popping up! They were all over the bed room and had even chewed through the wall into the living room. Somebunny had eaten all the buttons off the remote, and nibbled at the case of my iPod.

Some of the rabbits I recognized from some of the blogs I follow, as well as some of the IHRS rescues and some of the many rabbits of Instagram. Soon the humans of these bunnies turned up to retrieve their runaways, but it was difficult to find a specific bun amidst the hordes of bunnies that had now taken over the entire house; there were bunnies in places I couldn't imagine how they had gotten there (like on top of the doors).

By time I woke up, I had still not figured out where they had all come from; I suppose my dream self must have left the closest open! (Fuzzy Creatures followers will know what I mean).