Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dear Guest,

When I said you could pet Umbra and give her a treat I did not mean you can pick her up.

Dear Umbra,

Sorry please forgive me bunny-overlord.


  1. oh no! who dared to pick Umbra up?I can see the disapprovel now!xx Rachel

  2. Ruh uh.. A lot of groveling in your future!

    ..It was actually kind of funny. A friend stayed over for five days and brought his beloved french lop Sheeba with him. Sheeba loved humans, if you sat on the ground and talked to her, she would let you pet her for hours. I picked her up at one point and she grunted so I put her back down and she thumped at me and hopped off.

    I said "I'm very sorry Sheeba." And put my hand out in the "i'll pet you if you come near" position. She looked at me for a moment and then hopped back within petting reach and I went back to petting. She was a very forgiving black bun.

    Hopefully Umbra decides to follow suit. :)