Saturday, November 23, 2013

Good News/ Bad News

On Thursday I took the next step in the Umbra/Roger saga. I took Roger to the vet and my grandpa tagged along. There, we received some mixed results.

Bad News: Roger is a full pound overweight! Grandma was told to cut out the cheerios and corn and limit pellets and treats.

Good News: Despite being neglected he is in relatively good health: clean ears, no parasites, good teeth. Plus the vet thought he was very easy to handle.

More Bad News: Roger is in fact, not neutered.

Even More Bad New: Roger has been renamed Regina, because he is a she. And my grandpa is reluctant to shell out $200 for to have her spayed. The vet didn't stress having Regina fixed anyhow, noting the health and behavior benefits, but also seeing it as not essential as Regina is of an unknown age.

Also, there was some misunderstanding on my part, of what is known of recently redubbed Regina's past. She actually belonged to my step-uncle (not step great uncle). He was the 3rd or 4th owner of the rabbit. He also didn't have cats which former-Roger was friends with, but other rabbits (who I now feel are also in need of rescuing) who did not get along with him/her which is why he/she was passed off on my grandparents.

Some more good news would be that, although I have decided to forgo bonding, Regina is in a better home now. I even convinced my grandpa to allow her to move from the mudroom between the house and the garage into the spare bedroom.

I have also begun gathering supplies to make Regina a nice multi-level condo so that she can work some of that weight off.

So overall, yes I am disappointed that I will not be bonding Umbra anytime soon, but I am glad that Regina will stay with my grandma, who seems to have grown attached to her (she complained that my grandpa wont let her have a dog or lizards so I think she is happy to have a new animal in the house).

Despite this unexpected turn of events, I'm sure I will continue to update you on Regina.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Finally, an Update on Roger

So here I have been waiting for weeks for my grandpa to call me when he got that rabbit and he never did. I had all but forgotten when I visited my grandparent yesterday, and there was Roger right when we walked in. My grandpa was worried that the Roger and Umbra wouldn't get along so he decided not to tell me, but of course I found out.

They don't know much about him. Supposedly he is neutered, but since my grandparents are his 3rd or 4th owners, no one knows even how old he is or what breed. I thought that he is a Netherland Dwarf mix on account of short ears but medium size.

There is concern about Roger suffering some neglect. When my grandparents got him, his nails were way over grown. Also, he hasn't had the most nutritious diet. My grandparents have been feeding him hay, but also maybe a little too much pellets and treats. My grandma even gives him corn and cheerios! 

So maybe his living conditions are not ideal, but my grandparents are trying their best. I am going to make an appointment for Roger with my vet on Monday and then I will begin planning a bunny play date if Roger gets a clean bill of health.

More to come soon!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Humane Society Volunteering Update

So once upon a time I express interest in volunteering for the Humane Society again. I had for a while when I lived in Indianapolis, but they didn't have bunnies, and my hometown shelter does. I put in an application back in August (maybe?) but I was told the next training session was not until September.

Well September and October came and went and I never got a call. I was beginning to think maybe I should re-apply, but finally I was invited to the volunteer orientation last weekend.

They only had three buns when I was there, and they were still being housed with cats across from the noisy dog kennel. The manager who led our tour did say that plans were in the works for building a new shelter with separate facilities for treating incoming dogs and cats and more rooms for meet-and-greats AND a room just for small critters like bunnies and rodents and such.

I can't wait to get started, but I do dread the extra disapproval Umbra will give me when I come home smelling of different bunnies. It will be worth it though, not only does the shelter get an influx of buns after Easter, but our county is known for it's 4H fair, and their are an even greater number of abandoned rabbits that come in then.