Monday, November 11, 2013

Humane Society Volunteering Update

So once upon a time I express interest in volunteering for the Humane Society again. I had for a while when I lived in Indianapolis, but they didn't have bunnies, and my hometown shelter does. I put in an application back in August (maybe?) but I was told the next training session was not until September.

Well September and October came and went and I never got a call. I was beginning to think maybe I should re-apply, but finally I was invited to the volunteer orientation last weekend.

They only had three buns when I was there, and they were still being housed with cats across from the noisy dog kennel. The manager who led our tour did say that plans were in the works for building a new shelter with separate facilities for treating incoming dogs and cats and more rooms for meet-and-greats AND a room just for small critters like bunnies and rodents and such.

I can't wait to get started, but I do dread the extra disapproval Umbra will give me when I come home smelling of different bunnies. It will be worth it though, not only does the shelter get an influx of buns after Easter, but our county is known for it's 4H fair, and their are an even greater number of abandoned rabbits that come in then.

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  1. Just go ahead and bring home a couple now and get Umbra over it toot sweet ...