Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When there is a will there's a way...

... to destroy things.

So we finally got our new carpet in so I don't have to keep Umbra from trying to eating the exposed plywood, but don't worry she has found some other way to be mischievous. We still haven't reinstalled the baseboards, and I think we all know how much bunnies love to munch on drywall. Luckily, when they baseboards are replaced it should cover up the damage.

What's funny is that I was beginning to think I could trust Umbra to behave (like a human) while unsupervised. I have since been reminded that she is a bunny and will do bunny things like chew the walls and dig up the carpet.


  1. We have a friend with some house rabbits. The walls look like a war happened!

  2. Speedy is pretty good really and every since our holiday he behaviour is much better that we can leave him in the kitchen to do other things and to come upstairs on his own while we carry on with stuff too,xx Rachel