Monday, July 1, 2013

For Lorna Appleby of Fuzzy Creatures Blog

For the followers of Fuzzy Creatures, you might be amused by the dream I had a few nights ago. In the dream I woke up to a little black bunny digging under my bed. At first I thought it was Umbra but then I realized she was smaller. Soon more bunnies started popping up! They were all over the bed room and had even chewed through the wall into the living room. Somebunny had eaten all the buttons off the remote, and nibbled at the case of my iPod.

Some of the rabbits I recognized from some of the blogs I follow, as well as some of the IHRS rescues and some of the many rabbits of Instagram. Soon the humans of these bunnies turned up to retrieve their runaways, but it was difficult to find a specific bun amidst the hordes of bunnies that had now taken over the entire house; there were bunnies in places I couldn't imagine how they had gotten there (like on top of the doors).

By time I woke up, I had still not figured out where they had all come from; I suppose my dream self must have left the closest open! (Fuzzy Creatures followers will know what I mean).


  1. Tee hee.. The bunny standing over you singing lullabies was pure coincidence! "Hay Umbra, why couldn'tya just have spiked her tea of somefin'?"

    And nothin' wrong with Umbra having a few friends over! Of course, a human's definition of "few" and a rabbit's..

  2. Oh Yeah ... watch those too many martinis! I think a couple of ours were missing for awhile .. came back with big smirks on their faces!

  3. hehehe so thats why Speedy was so tired and now he's going to have a boys night out with Jensen and Mickey,what will they get upto next?I guess Freddie will be among the mix too Lorna,xx Rachel

  4. Just found your blog, not 100% sure how I got here... possibly followed a trail of poops. I sometime dream of hoards of bunnies I have to round up, which of course do not co-operate at all!

    1. it probably has something to do with bunnies not cooperating in real life too lol