Sunday, January 6, 2013

Introducing Snow

I've seen a couple videos of other people's rabbits enjoying the snow. So much fun digging... but as you can see from the video below, she really didn't care about the snow. More than anything she was just mad that I picked her up to put her there.


  1. Heh. "Talk to the tail, the ears aren't listening."

    Scout's reaction to snow was "AAAH! Its cold! Its on my PAWS! I don't like this!" .. and then thumped at me for an hour.

    Sage was as indifferent to it as she was grass or gravel. It was something to hop over. :)

    1. lol that's hilarious Lorna! Bunnies know how to hold a grudge.

      Umbra had pretty much the same reaction of your Sage, I tried to put her back later and she jumped right out. She was more interested in sneaking down the stairs. Little stinker.

  2. hehehe Speedy hasn't had the pleasure yet as we have had any snow this year we had a dusting when we first got him and wasn't sure about it ,xx Rachel

  3. Well, if there's one thing the snow did for her is that it highlighted how lovely and black she is :)

    Moshi has been the only one to try snow. He hated it. In fact, he hated being outside... so I never took Jamili out.

    I've thought of taking Jamili and Ashy into it, but I don't like that there are always dogs out and about.... Maybe I'll try the bucket thing and do it in the apartment mini-patio...

  4. I took Umbra out near the end of summer. She was nervous at first but then discovered that the carpet is edible. When I did that I had her in her ex pen supervised. We don't see many lose dogs but there are plenty of stray cats and hawks about so I wouldn't risk leaving her unatended