Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Various Rabbit Items

Over the weekend I went to a bridal expo with my friend and future maid of honor. To my surprise I won a door prize: a $50 gift certificate to a little boutique. Of course only I would spot all the bunny merchandise they had to offer.
 For some reason they downloaded sideways and I am unable to right them.

This last one was not at the store, it was made for me by a IHRS member. She has started selling these pom-pom bunnies to raise money for IHRS. This is my little Umbra pom-bunny. It's pretty cute and soft, but of course no comparison to the original.


  1. That pom-bunny is adorable!!! It looks like a bunlet!

  2. Have to agree with Lalis - that's a really cute pom-pom bun. If you look between the ears of the bunny in picture 3, there's another cute little bunny on the shelf. (P.S. Email me at email@rabbitramblings.com for easy picture fix.)

    1. ya that was only one of the many bunny baby toys there were quite a few more as well as a book starring bunnies

  3. We have our little knitted Racer by RoadBunner - so fun to have!