Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bunny Foot

A while back I thought one of Umbra's toes on her hind foot looked kinda funky. I didn't think much of it at the time, plus she really dislikes having her feet touched. I managed to get a a better look at it the other day when I noticed it still looked off. The toe in question sticks up a bit at an odd angle, and when I touched it Umbra did not jump away like she usually does. I'm thinking maybe it is dislocated and that she has lost feeling in it. It seemed a lot more pliable than the same toe on the other foot.

Anyway, it is about time for Umbra's annual check up so we will see what the doc thinks (I believe I have located a reputable one in the area, since we have moved). In the meantime, maybe Lorna of Fuzzy Critters may have an explanation for this mysterious injury?

If possible I'll snap a pic and you all can weigh in.


  1. Uhm... Y'know when Umbra sleeping under your bed looked suspiciously like a black dog stuffy? It's not because she was off swinging on lines on a pirate ship or chasing cats about. Totally not!

    1. actually there is no "under" too my bed. But she has plenty of other hiding places lol

  2. Well I'm sure a picture or two will get you plenty of opinions, advice, and suggestions! We'll all poke and prod from afar!

  3. you're probably right Thumper my old bun had a toe like that and my vet didn't mak much of it so it probably happens a lot,but we know how thumper did his as he had a habit of jumping out of our arms till we start carrying him like a sleeping baby on his back,we don't have that problem with Speedy he like to sprall and flop in our arms.but these bun like to have adventure so little mishaps happen hehehe