Friday, January 11, 2013

Wood Pellets as Litter Update

So I am on my second litter box of wood stove pellets as alternative litter. It absorbs so well, I discovered I have to use less. Umbra's litter box was filled with droppings before even half of the pellets had gotten wet.

The only drawbacks are that Umbra kept snacking on them at first, but I haven't seen her do it since. However, whenever I fill up her litter box she comes running because she thinks I'm getting her food. I don't mean to tease her, but they aren't those kind of pellets. I give her a treat anyway, just so she won't go insane (and plot my murder).

The verdict: thumbs up for wood stove pellets. Inexpensive and super absorptive; what more could you ask for?


  1. Never tried them!

    We have talked constantly to two different supply stores that usually had 2 or 3 rabbits for sale as pets. Told them about how many get dumped etc. Now neither do!

    1. definitely a great victory. I'm sure the bunnies would thank you!