Monday, February 25, 2013

An Extended Joy of Rabbit Parenting

I noticed that when I stay up late working on homework Umbra has a habit of being brattier. I think she is cranky because she wants to sleep, like a young child that has missed there nap.

Now that I am on spring break I thought I would catch up on my shows. Of course now that it is not imperative that I stay up late working on a project, Umbra decides she will lay quietly in the corner instead of trying to eat my laptop.


  1. it also could be because you attention is on work and not her where as when you are watching tv or a movies she can still get attention if she wants it ,Speedy did that to me today I was playing with him for a couple of hours then I did his greens and put it in his play pen while I started to prepare dinner,normally he will eat a bit then lay down ,eat a bit and lay down but not today!Today Speedy tried to demolish his play pen even though the gate was open and he could come out if he wanted to I had to put him back upstairs to his den and he knew he had been bad when I put him his den as the look he gave me was Oho,xxRachel

  2. Well, sure.. You're watching the shows she wants to watch and not click-clacking on that silly keyboard. (Sigh) Humans are so hard to train!