Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Surprise

Today I drove down to Indy to photograph some rabbits fostered by a IHRS member. It was great to play with all the bunnies; all six had different personalities. I invited the fiance but he didn't come, but I think he regrets it because many of the rabbits were social ( I hope Umbra finds a cuddly husbun).

Anyway, I'm visiting my old roommates, so I'm going to keep this short, but I made a shocking discovery: I was playing with an adorable little rex girl who was also an amputee, and I told Mary, the foster mom, that Umbra must be a mixed rex because her hair is soft but a little longer and not so plush. I was informed that Umbra was probably a satin... I feel like a bad bun mom! Well I will be making an amendment to the blog description. I apologize for the false information.


  1. But Umbra has short whiskers and Satins don't She looks like a rex to me,her coat is probably a bit longer due to the winter,Speedy's is at the moment but that's coming out now as he is moulting

    1. Good point, her fur is always a bit longer and sleeker than other Rexes I have met so she probly a mix of something but who cares what kind of rabbit she is anyway. She is still super soft and has a giant personality.