Monday, March 4, 2013

Bunnies Blamed for the extinction of Neanderthals

A "New Scientist" article revealed a theory that the disappearance of prehistoric large mammals which were the prey of Neanderthals and the rise of rabbits may have lead to the extinction of our hominid cousins. The article explains that the Neanderthals were unable to strategize and use teamwork to catch rabbits when other food became scarce.

What is more important than this scientific discovery is that we should be looking for the lagomorphs' next target. By now you may be familiar with Denver airport's rabbit problem. Is this indication that rabbits will next wipe out Homo Sapiens? They have already infiltrated many of our homes (don't let them see this! I am typing this while out of the house to avoid Umbra, if she realized I have discovered her plot we will all be doomed!)


  1. I'm pretty sure that's what they're up to.... If bunnies take over, that's ok with me. haha

  2. Hehehe they are already in charge....Bunnies rule the World!And I'm quite happy to be on the side of bunnies

    1. give them lots of treats in the mean time.. we need to be on their good side and we might be spared. lol

  3. Life as we know it is getting shorter. Enjoy it.