Tuesday, May 15, 2012

long over due!

Well I finally got down to the library so that I can have internet access!

So now I will recap the last couple weeks as briefly as possible. Umbra is settled in, and I have reconstructed her new cage. However, She doesn't spend anytime in it, I sill let her run around in the ex-pen which takes up half my room. It's not as much space as she's used to but it's better than being in a cage all day. She gets free time most days, which means full run of my bedroom, and sometimes a couple hours in the living room.

Unfortunately I was unable to bring my lettuce sprouts home with me; there was just too much stuff in the car, but we plan on planting some outside here soon.

Another low light, is Umbra still hates my fiance, I have no explanation for it. He's tried to be patient and quiet around her and he always gives her treats when he's over, but she refuses to forgive him for who-knows-what. My only theory is that she doesn't like that he picks her up, but he hasn't done that for quite a while, and if that was the case she would surely hate me.

Umbra's latest pass time is excavating a  tunnel between my bed and the wall (my bed is on a solid platform so she can't get under it). I've stuffed some extra sheets and pillow cases down there and she's been completely absorbed in digging in them and arranging them. Although all the digging can be annoying when you're trying to take a nap, it keeps her out of trouble... for now.

Other than  continuing to soil her hay, the summer is off to a good start. I have a couple of projects I would like to get underway soon including building a second level to Umbra's cage (I do have a little shelf for her to sit on at the moment but it's not very stable) and I would like to test a hay-soiling deterrent as seen in a link I posted previously on how to build your own cage (scroll to the bottom of the link and you'll see, its really quite clever). Oh and on the topic of hay, I have had no luck in locating where I can buy timothy by the bale yet, but there is a farmer down the road and I will check there next.

This post will be followed by another on my summer reading (yes it is rabbit related!).

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