Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sad Discovery

So its not bunny related, but I just discovered that one of my moms birds died. They're really annoying and not at all tame, but I still feel bad. I didn't even think to look at them this morning when I got up, but when I think of it, it was awfully quiet and now I know why. The surviving bird like to pick on the other, but she still seems depressed. Its never easy to loose an animal.


  1. no its never easy,but what can you do but say a sad farewell to her or him,and hope that your mum isn't to upset,it is a sad thing

    1. she was a little upset, mostly suprised because he seemed fine last night. I think I'm going to be a little paranoid about Umbra for a while

  2. Birds have delicate systems. When my parents lost their first cockatoo, they went into mourning as if they lost a child. It was terribly sad for everyone. Just give the surviving bird extra love and attention and give your mother my condolences.