Saturday, July 28, 2012

This Weekend..

I will being going back to Indy, but only to fetch the rest of my belongings from my old apartment. I have decided to go to college closer to home.

Anyway, I'm a bit nervous for the trip because it will be the first time that I will leave Umbra in someone else's care. They only person I trust to do this up here is my fiance, who is despised by Umbra, but she will have to deal with it. I hope she only appreciates me more when I get back. It's only two days anyway.

But on the subject of bunny sitting and traveling. At my new college we are required to study abroad for a semester. The idea is scary, I've only ever been to Canada and that hardly counts as another country. But if going away for three months to somewhere I barely know the language (I will be most likely be going to Nicaragua or Peru) wasn't daunting enough I will have to spend this time away from the two loves of my life, my man and my bunny... and who will take care of them while I am gone?

Anyway its far enough in the future that hopefully a solution will present itself in the meantime.


  1. Don't worry to much everything always works out right in the end,but good luck with it.xo speedy and mum

  2. Oi there.. Canada IS very much a separate country. Different cultural, social and political beliefs and systems. Heck, we gained independence by asking nice, for maple's sake!

    On the face, yes, I will grant you, not a lot of difference between the northern U.S. and Canada as a visitor. Same friendly people. Almost exactly the same language. Same rotten winters unless you're lucky to live in the Pacific Northwet, same cute as heck and more mischievous than devils bunnies..

    I'd choose Peru, personally, though. But that's just because their history fascinates me. :)

    ..and won't your man and your bunny take care of each other? (Okay, more likely spend time plotting each other's death while one tries to bribe with treats and the other finds the cell phone charging cord as often as possible with her teeth..)

    1. Hey! I love Canada. But it's not very daunting for travelers. I do tell people it's like the U.S. but better. =]

    2. This is all true about Canada,but Peru very fasinating..hmmm