Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Timothy Based Pellets

I know it's long over due, Umbra being a mature 1+ year old rabbit, but I have just tonight switched her to timothy based pellets (as apposed to alfalfa, the main ingredient of most pellets). To help ease her into the change, and avoid any upset stomachs, I mixed the old and new pellets for her dinner allotment. Although she at first tried to new pellets without apprehension, Umbra soon decided she didn't much like the change and has only picked at her meal since. I'm hoping hunger will persuade her soon, until then she chose hay over pellets (even though they are essentially the same thing).

About pellets: I switched from Kaytee Supreme pellets to Oxbow Adult Rabbit Blend, because the timothy pellets are less fattening. While alfalfa is fine for young rabbits who are still growing, it is too rich for one who has already matured. Also, it is important when changing the diet of any animal to do so gradually to avoid upsetting their digestion (no one likes poopy pets anyway).


  1. Speedy used to be on a young bun pellet food but once he was neutered I changed to Burgess super rabbit excel light because I didn't want him to get fat and he prefered that one any way because it is hay base mixed with mint and it didn't affect his growth as hes quite big now and you know when you have him in your arms he's quite hefty but he's not fat

    1. Umbra is not fat either but I call her my lil chunker. Rabbits always look a bit on the plump side

  2. Replies
    1. emphasis on the "look". plush is the best.