Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Public Displays of Napping. It's a new phrase I've coined. Generally, people don't let their guard down enough to fall asleep in public (and for good reason), and rabbits are much the same way I think. In fact, I rarely catch Umbra sleeping, and I would like to think that she trusts me. So I was shocked (in a good way) when Umbra passed out cold in the presence of my friend who she is not well acquainted with. I had looked up from my occupation (we were working on wedding plans) to see Umbra nodding off, eyes barely open. I few minutes later her eyes were completely closed and her lips and toes twitching as she dreamed. Eventually she completely slumped over and her twitching subsided and I managed to snap a pic with my iPod. I didn't dare get closer and and risk disturbing the queen during her beauty sleep.

.. Of course she never hesitates in disturbing mine...


  1. of course she disturbs your sleep you're here slave and she's the Queen just like Speedy is our Prince

  2. Glad she is a happy, nappy bunn at peace! One of the reasons I love rabbit blogs is because it is proof that there are people out there that love rabbits to the point of being enslaved by them. It makes me happy to see spoiled rotten, happy, disapproving, beautiful bunnies.

  3. I see this fad picking up steam. It is invading our place ...

  4. So cute. Means you have a relaxed and happy bun. PDN needs to become part of the official bunny lexicon.

  5. Can't find an email address for you and not sure if you will read the reply to your RR comment, so: Can you send me pictures (jpg) files of the rabbit things in your shop? To email@rabbitramblings.com. Would like to post them on the bunny things page. Thanks.

    1. Sure I have a ton of rabbit stuff myself =]

  6. Heehee!!! I love catching my buns nodding off! Except when I have to work or do stuff... Just watching them makes me so sleepy.