Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Learn to Speak Rabbit

The more time I spend with Umbra, the more I think I have interpreted her language. But there are somethings I never realized had a meaning, like the rate at which a rabbit wiggles its nose. I've found that most guides to learning bunnish are pretty basic until I found this one on the New York House Rabbit Society's website. Check out The Language of Lagomorphs for a in depth look at rabbit body language. It includes pictures and video clips for those of you who are more visually inclined.


  1. Hmm thats quite interesting thanks for sharing,xxSpeedy's mum

  2. You won't believe how many times I read that page when I first got Scout trying to figure out what the little rabbit was saying!

    One day I even held her up to the monitor and said "Which are you trying to communicate!?!?!" to which she turned, looked at me and uttered her first ever "Cheeep."

    I gave up and decided to give her a craisin. It probably wasn't what she had originally wanted but we decided it was an acceptable compromise. :)