Saturday, June 30, 2012

Potty Training Relapse

So I've been explaining to a lot of people lately how I have a house rabbit- meaning not just a rabbit that lives indoors, but a rabbit which has free run (at least of certain rooms). Many people are shocked that Umbra is litter-box trained and that she uses it consistently, especially since she was spayed (another shocker for people unfamiliar with the house rabbit philosophy).

So naturally, with all my bragging about how well adjusted to living indoors Umbra is, she would have to go and pee on the couch today. Luckily a blanket took the bullet, so to speak, which is much easier to clean than the couch itself... also my mom wasn't home to witness this incident as she is skeptical of house-rabbitry.

It seems like Umbra is often the embodyment of Murphy's Law (anything that can go wrong will go wrong... especially when your mother or roommates are present). It is probably one of the most frustrating aspects of having a house rabbit.

On the bright side, although my mom has gotten after me for Umbra pulling a Houdini and complained that she couldn't my little stinker confined, when Umbra is out on my watch she has been really good about going to her room on command, with my mom as witness. Take that Mom! Yes bunnies may not be comparable to dogs or cats, but they deserve a place in the home despite all their mischief. Often the solution is just learning to think like a rabbit, and not trying to expect the rabbit to think like a dog, cat or even a human.


  1. but their mischief making is an important part of a bunny's character that give us so much enjojment and laughter that even when they are extra naughty you can't be mad at them,and Umbra is a rexie probably on of the most inteligent and cat like breed of rabbits.thats why Umbra and speedy pull Houdini acts cause they so nosy and Mischief making is them trying to out smart us just for entertainment

    1. I certainly get a laugh out of her antics (except for peeing on the couch)a lot of people probably don't see that that is part of her charm. and she is a very smart bunny, although her curiosity gets her into some tight spots sometimes.

  2. Thats our rexie babies a laugh a minute followed by us scolding them when they do the not so funny things and then they gives us that look distain when we scold that we have trouble keep a straight face..heehee aah rexies you gotta love them