Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Beautiful Sight

Yesterday while running some errands, spotted a woman with rabbits (I think they were lops) playing in the yard.

If it wouldn't have been extremely creepy of me I would've pulled over and talked to her... but I don't want to be that obsessed. It's just nice to see other rabbit people out there.


  1. yes it is nice to see,and whats more that the buns have running around time too!

  2. A TRUE, OBSESSED rabbit person would have stopped and spent 2, 3 hours there! You still have hope ... flee while you can.

  3. Aw man... I would have been THAT obsessed person. In fact, I would have probed that person to make sure those rabbits were ok....... me?

    1. I did overhear a someone once buying carrots for their rabbit at the Walmart. (I had just gotten off work and was picking up some lettuce). I started a convo with her. Asked what kind of rabbit. Afterward I was very worried for the rabbit though. It probably was fed only carrots and pellets. =[