Sunday, August 26, 2012


(your welcome for my resisting to title this post "hop"enings)

Mainly I would just like to ramble a bit about how the life of Umbra is going.  We have gotten a new toy: a collapsible tunnel. She was a wary of it at first but I finally saw her use it today, although her back end have very little clearance.

I also finally picked up some styptic powder, so I can not be so anxious while cutting Umbras nails (they're black and I'm terrified of cutting into the quick- she already dreads nail clipping time and I know she would never forgive me). Even better it was in the sale bin!

Also Umbra seemed to be warming up to her two sworn enemies: my fiance and my mother. She gave Shannon (fiance) a nose bump, and accepted a treat from my mom (although I did not find the treat acceptable- you can't feed rabbits crackers, shes not a parrot).

Nothing to major or exciting tho, but bunnies do like routine, and Umbra has been letting me know through flops, tooth purring and grooming (I'm not allowed to resist even when it tickles, I must accept affection on her terms or face bunishment*)

*did that completely by accident, I had a dyslexic moment, not trying out more bunny puns I promise!


  1. Oh, a nibble of cracker as a very rare treat is not so bad. And if that little treat helps her bond a little with your mom, that is a good thing.
    Grandmothers are allowed to spoil their grandchilren, even if those grandchildren are four legged and hop. Especially if they are four legged and hop!

  2. yes don't worry about the nibble of cracker,its not all the time,Speedy some times pinches a little piece of plain tortilla chip,just a little corner but its very rare.its good she's is starting to bond a little with your mum and Shannon.bunny puns are a must sometimes too!

  3. I'm not so concerned about Umbra getting a nibble of a cracker, but I am worried that maybe my mom has been sneaking her unhealthy treats with out my knowledge...

  4. Oh... I love bunny puns! I'm a nerd like that ;)