Monday, August 13, 2012

Black Rabbit of Inle

No I'm not talking about my own black rabbit! If you've read "Watership Down" you know that the Black Rabbit of Inle is the Grim Reaper of rabbit folklore. Searching for tattoo ideas I came across one that I thought I would share (as it is rabbit related).

A little gory for my taste, but eventually I plan on getting a tattoo of my own black rabbit.


  1. Replies
    1. Well due to my financial priorities a new tattoo will have to wait. I already have three, and eventually I would like to get a portrait of Umbra on my leg, but I will have to find a really good artist. I wouldn't trust just anyone to something so detailed.


    My husband met the band when they did a concert and told the front man that I hated this t-shirt and that I forbid him (husband) to purchase one, even though he loves the band. It would be ok if the entrails were not so...visceral...I would like to see a rabbit tshirt with a bunny holding a shotgun and pissing on a Rabbit Season hunting sign.

    1. yes I would have to forbid my Fiance from wearing such a shirt as well... I did once have a band shirt (some metal band I can't recall now) but it had kittens playing with eyballs. I loved it, but my fiance's (then just bf)friend took it from me (which is justified because it was meant for him originally, I just got to it first)

  3. Kittens and eyeballs...that's funny.
    My son and I were having an argument in WalMart this morning and he stated "juxtiposition is not justification". RocknRoll and eviscerated animals is NOT cool...but human body parts are ok. Animals are great, people suck.