Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hair Buster Comb Review

Despite a very hectic morning (overslept almost missed a final exam and had to go on a hay run because I ran out) I have managed to find a moment to tell you about my new hair buster.

As mentioned in the last post I purchased a hair buster from and it arrived yesterday (a day early in fact! props to binkybunny). I immediately put it to the test.

Sad to say, the hair buster did not live up to my expectations. But I'm not going to completely throw the hair buster under the bus. In an earlier post on grooming, I featured a fellow bun lover and it is plain to see that the hair buster works great for her rabbits.

I think the reason for my less successful outcome is the fact that Umbra is a mini rex, and rexs have especially short, fine fur. So I give the hair buster comb a thumbs up if you have a rabbit with normal fur, but I recommend a brush with much finer (closer together) teeth for rex rabbits.

When I next have some free time I hope to make a video demonstrating the different brushes I have tested so far.