Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Cage!

I've been envying all the great homemade rabbit condos I've seen online. And just when I was trying to find the best price for the NIC crates (the panels are popular with small pet owners for making custom cages), someone posted on Indiana House Rabbit Society's Facebook that they were selling a couple of old custom cages they no longer needed! Even better yet, they were going to give half of what they made off of the cages to IHRS.

I'm planning on keeping this cage at my mom's for when I'm home on breaks and for the summer. She isn't entirely comfortable with the idea of a free ranging house rabbit, but I don't like the idea of Umbra being shut up in a little cage all day (I do have a cage but it's really only there to put Umbra's litter-box and water bottle in, and she can use it as a hidey-box and something to climb on because I keep a blanket over it). Right now Umbra has free run of my bedroom all day and a couple hours of playtime in the living/dining room, but I want her to have more room to move around and not have my mom nagging me all the time.

To give her even more room, I want to add a second floor (and then my little queen can look out the window and survey her kingdom!).


  1. Great cage,it will be even better with the additional level

  2. Oooooo that's NICE! My buns need something like this, too. Must. Keep. Looking!!! ; ) x