Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Humane Society Trip

While out on other errands, I happened to be in the area of the local Humane Society. I have been toying with the idea of finding a friend for Umbra for a while.

So I decided to stop in, but was disappointed. The last time I had been to the the Humane Society "critters had been kept in a separate room, secluded from the dogs and most cats. However now they are in a smaller room across the hall from one of the noisy dog kennels. The few rabbits were clearly distressed by the noise. Also, there was too much pellets available and not enough hay. (they did have plenty of water and thank God they weren't in wire-bottom cage). The rabbits were all unaltered (and the information on their breeds was inaccurate)

Nonetheless, I filled out an application for adoption. The staff member assisting me asked if there was a particular rabbit I was interested. I told her that I would have to introduce my own rabbit to the potential companions, and she gave me a weird look. I explained that rabbits can be very territorial, but the staff still acted as if it were an odd request. I feel that all types of pets should be introduced to the current pets of potential adopters. I know that shelters generally require dogs to be introduced, but other animals, like cats and rabbits can be just as vicious toward strange animals.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I will end up adopting one of these rabbits, but I am considering volunteering at the shelter (I previously volunteered at the shelter in Indy) and helping out with the rabbits, although there are few. 


  1. Don't even get me started on the utter ignorance of rabbits in general, especially by people and organizations that should damn well know better!!! That they are across from the barking dogs makes me sick and angry and sad. I would have taken them all home just to get them out of that environment. I have to avoid shelters at all costs! SOmeday, I will live on a nice big parcel of land and will bring home every rabbit that I can give a better life to no matter who they belong to. I will steal them. I promise I will steal them.

    1. careful you might end up with animal control knocking on your door. I know how you feel though. I do think the shelter does good work with cats and dogs, and they would certainly be better if people would take proper care of their pets in the first place.

      The place I can't stand are pet stores. Theyre awefully depressing, at least the shelter isn't in it for money

    2. May be the change happens here! with people like us,most shelters don't really understand bunnies as they are more set up for dogs and cats unless they cater only for bunnies and small animals,and Brandi when you have your land yet me know I'll be on a plane to give you hand even if for only a few day's,xxRachel