Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Humane Society Update

Because my mom (jeez I feel like a child when I say that, can't wait to be done with college and move out) will not agree to the terms, I cannot adopt another rabbit (if Umbra had liked any of them anyway). So miss Umbra will continue to be the sole ruler of her domain.

I am seriously thinking about getting involved at this shelter though and helping out with the bunnies (although there are only a few, they really need it).


  1. A little help there would go a long ways!!!

  2. Thats's a great idea helping out at the shelter,these places always need help,don't for get to pick up you award from Speedy,xxSpeedy's mum

  3. Trust me, Humane Societies can use all the bunny volunteers they can use... KNOWLEDGEABLE bunny volunteers.

    I volunteer at the Utah one, but I haven't been able to go for several months for various reasons (moving, switching jobs, etc...) But, the bunnies hardly ever have sufficient fresh hay, the "bunny volunteers" think that what the bunnies need is to be held (*facepalm*), and overall, the don't get as much attention as the other animals...

    When I go I bring an X-pen with me, a piece of carpet, and some toys. I then give each bun some individual play time and I have gotten some binkies out of them. I lay on the floor and/or sit with the ones that need to build trust with people. People look at me weird, but it goes to show, they don't speak bunny language.