Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Dark Side

.. or the fluffy side rather. It's where I've been dragging my mom too (although maybe Umbra deserves the credit here).

I have mentioned often that my mom does not approve of house-rabbitry, and Umbra is not to fond of her either. However, it appears that both may be on their way to a change of heart. The first clue was when Umbra escaped my room earlier this week. I called down the hall after the little bugger (actually I think I called her a turd-butt, affectionately of course). My mom, in the bathroom at the time, assumed correctly that Umbra's destination was her own bedroom (I don't see what is so exciting about it, but for Umbra anywhere unknown is exciting, especially if it is prohibited). To my surprise, instead of lamenting about my mischievous friend, my mom reprimanded me for scolding Umbra and even said "she's fine"!

To top that off Umbra accepted pets from my mom, without any bribing. Although my mom had to stand in an awkward position to pet Umbra (its on of her favorite tricks, you have to work for the privilege of caressing her fine fur), when my mom turned to leave, Umbra pursued her looking for more attention... or just hoping for an opportunity to dart out the door.


  1. it was bound to happen those too bonding away

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    I have left you something there :)

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