Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I admit I have a problem

I discovered a little shop called Found while killing time the other day. The owner (who happens to be a prof at my college) collects various objects (so various I don't know how to classify them) from from around the world to sell along with art from local artist.

Among the various objects happen to be bunny themed objects (of which I bought nearly all of). Enjoy.

Coin purse (bought)

key chain

hand puppet (didn't get, but thinking about going back, just so darn cute!)

Chinese bunny tea pot (out of my price range)

silver birth year box from Cambodia (bought)


  1. Officially now you are a Bunny-Maniac

    1. idk I think I have been one for quite a while lol this is only a small addition to my collection of bunny things.

  2. I have so many bunny things I don't know what to do with them all. Your new bunny stuff is awesome!

  3. I bought an entry mat with a bun on it at Target yesterday. I didn't even look a the price tag. I just knew I had to have it...