Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"I disapprove of you interior decorating decisions"

As we are feeling the effects of hurricane Sandy, even here in the Midwest, mom decided today would be a good day to get back to her bathroom remodeling project. Umbra disapproves of all the noise. Bunny is the only one allowed to remodel (by which I mean eating the base moulding and tearing up the carpet.. but it really does need to be replaced). She has been pouting in the corner and even stomped once.


  1. That might be a good reason for extra treats.

  2. I agree with Brandi. Umbra gets whatever she loves most! He he!

  3. oops lots of treats and cuddles for Umbra,Speedy is doing the same and I'm not even doing his room,its my room I'm doing,no pleasing some