Friday, April 5, 2013

Under Construction

My mom is renovating our living room. Mainly we are tearing up the old carpet and replacing some areas with bamboo flooring, the rest will get new carpet. In the mean time the plywood is all exposed and there are edges of the carpet that have been cut away and are perfect for a bunny to shred. So until the new flooring goes down, Umbra will be cooped up in my bed room and its only been a few day but she is already really antsy. She is always boxing the door or trying to dig under it and just the other day she decided that I should now feed her at 4 A.M. instead of 5, as per usual. Even after she is fed she has taken to bothering me anyway just for spite. I don't know who will be crazier when this is over, me or the rabbit.

Anyway, a family friend is supposed to start working on our project today and hopefully it will be quick work. I want my living room back and Umbra desperately needs her play time.

In unrelated news, I may have to drop the Marine Biology class I was planning to take in Florida in May due to schedule conflicts for my senior year. I will be unable to get my minor in environmental science if I want to graduate next spring anyway, plus I will have to take a summer class next year as well so technically I won't be graduating on time anyway. This means I will have to push my wedding back as well. My mom isn't too concerned about that though.

On the bright side, if I miss out on this once in a life time opportunity to go snorkeling everyday for two weeks in the Keys, I won't have to find a sitter for Umbra and therefore not be disapproved of by her royal highness to the utmost degree. My fiance will probably be glad if I stick around as well.


  1. well you could always go to the keys for your honeymoon and then you can do the snorkeling together!and you would have plenty of time to get your mum trained in the finer points if bunny care and loving too!

  2. Decisions, decisions .... Good thing you have a rabbit to distract you!!!