Monday, April 1, 2013


Umbra gave me a bit of a scare the other day. I was away a couple of nights over the weekend, and when I returned yesterday, Umbra was acting a odd. She didn't want to eat and was being aggressive. I let her out to go play and she just sat under a chair. She wouldn't come out for lettuce or treats.

I was starting to worry that maybe she was having some GI problems, maybe caused by her moult, but then I remembered that last time I was away for a weekend she had acted the same way.

I was really relieved when she started to eat again after a little while, but she was still standoffish. At the same time I remembered another worry that I had about my plans to go to Florida for a month. The trip is fast approaching and I still haven't found a suitable sitter. I debating whether or not I should go: there are other classes I could take at home, but they certainly won't be as fun a snorkeling for three weeks in the keys. If I decide to go, I hope that whoever cares for Umbra in my absence will give her lots of attention; I think that is part of the problem. When I have gone away in the past, my mom or my fiance took care of Umbra, and neither did more than give her food and water. Maybe separation wouldn't be so hard on her if someone spent a lot of time with her.

Either way, it is nice to know that she likes me enough to miss me, although I will have to do a lot (more) sucking up to her this week.


  1. It's interesting how bunnies react when we return from a long absence. Tiny acted sort of like Umbra, while Moshi became a total cuddle buddy. Ashy and Jamili don't seem to really notice (the poop heads...) but they are two and they keep each other company, while Tiny and Moshi didn't have a bonded partner.
    Can you check bunspace to see if there are any other bunny crazy people in you area?

    1. I'm thinking that is part of Umbra's problem. I wish I was able to get her a husbun right now but unfortunately I am unable to at this time. Hopefully next year.

      And no I haven't but I did ask on IHRS facebook page today and I had some replies. Most are still about an hour drive away.

  2. Good luck - rabbits don't like to snorkle.

    (PS - don't worry. As long as there is food and water and cleaning, she will survive and you will have all that making up to do then - fun!)

  3. Hmm don't know what happened to my comment gremlins again,any way things always work out