Friday, June 14, 2013

My Heroic Deed of the Day

Spotted a tiny cotton tail while mowing when I came within a foot of it. Good thing I was paying attention, because the little guy didn't budge. Usually I don't interfere with wild bunny kits but I scooped him on and placed him under a bush in my neighbors yard. Checked back later and he was gone.

Now that I am thoroughly obsessed with bunnies, people like to point every wild rabbit out to me, or tell me about how they found a nest, or their cat found a nest. I feel like they are trying to impress me, but while I enjoy watching all wildlife, it kinda gets old to hear about everyone's rabbit rescue attempt. I try to not to shout "Just leave them alone!" but I know they mean well... You should probably put a bell or a bib on your cat though so as to give the birds a fighting chance. (and the reptiles and amphibians too).

1 comment:

  1. well you did the right thing by putting him out the way,did you know that by 4 weeks old wild bunny kits are weaned and self reliant and out of the nest with no mum looking after them?tough litte creatures aren't they not like domesticated bunny who take 2 or 3 weeks longer to get to that stage