Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weather Worries

Well it's been a stormy past couple of days. We are experiencing one right now in fact. Came home last night to no power, but at least the storm brought in cooler air.

I learned that bunnies do not like candles. I had set some on the sill of the open window and the dancing shadows had Umbra pretty disturbed. I've lit them in the past but I suppose they are not so scary with the lights on. Luckily for Umbra I remembered that I had some LED candles I had gotten at work but had yet to use. They are pretty realistic, but the flickering is a bit more subdued so Umbra settled down and I didn't have to trip over her and anything else.

Another good thing about storms is Umbra suddenly becomes a super cuddle bun. She laid next to me much of the night and even voluntarily sat in my lap!

How do your bunnies react to adverse weather?


  1. Speedy doesn't take much notice but My first bun hated thunder and Lighting and would thump his feet,xx Rachel

  2. Hmmm, none of my buns have really noticed the extreme weather; when it snows, it is eerily quiet, haha.