Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Path of Destruction

Oh Umbra, you have been up to some mischief!

May I draw your attention to exibit #1.

I suspect the inmate has been devising an escape plan

Well as you can see Umbra has started nibbling away at the fence. The plastic is proving not as durable as I had hoped; some parts are nearly chewed through. I must not devise some way to protect the fence but still allow for airflow (suggestions welcome).

Now let us examine figure #2

Mmmm, paraffin wax my favorite!
As you may remember, we recently experienced some blustery weather that resulted in a prolonged power outage (about 12 hours!). This is one of the LED candles, made of real wax, which apparently is very appetizing to little bunnies. Good thing I got them at an extreme discount.

Of course Umbra was soon forgiven. It's just something you have to get used to doing when you have house rabbits. Bunny is just following her instincts and human should be more careful about where they leave their things.


  1. you could attach some chicken wire fence to the gate or attach a panel from a play pen to it.I'm always careful with my things well if its important or is bad for bunny...I learn't the hard way from my first bunny.Hehehe naughty bunny hehehe,xx Rachel

    1. Yes that was an idea that I had as well, but I was worried that the wire would be to fine and it might cut her mouth. I also have a few spare NIC grids I might give that a try first.