Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Bunny Blocker

Picked up a new child bunny fence. I was disappointed that the only fences made out of medal had spaces large enough for Umbra to get through, or potentially get her head stuck. So mine is made of plastic and untreated wood, but hopefully its rigid enough to stand up to her teeth.

Besides the added airflow, there is another perk to having this fence. I decided to leave it up all the time because, even tho I have to step over it whenever I leave or enter the room, it does save my feet from being shredded by the claws of a bossy bunny whenever I try to open the door.

One downside is that when I do want the door closed, Umbra will refuse to move out of the way. Instead of making way for the door she heads toward the hinge and refuses to budge. Of course this is hardly a complaint compared to having to chase an escaped bun around the house when you are already late for work, or say 4 a.m. when you get up to use the bathroom.


  1. Poor abused Umbra.. :D

    You can always put some NIC grids over the gate so she can't nibble of the plastic.

  2. We tried plastic for a (short) while. The buns thought it was for their chewing entertainment ... absolutely loved chewing it to little tiny bits. Had to go to wire. But it was a softer plastic, so hopefully, you will fare better than we did.

  3. Good luck ... that bunny looks determined ...