Monday, March 19, 2012

End of the Spay Chapter

Got a call today from Avon Veterinary Clinic. Umbra and I decided to skip on our appointment on account of she had done the doctors job for them removing her stitches. I checked her belly today, and all looked good. Although the shave was shotty,  the doc did a good job stitching my nugget up; I could hardly see the scar!

Umbra has returned to normal personality-wise as well. She's just as she was pre-fully-matured-horny-bunny phase, which means she's independent, adventurous, bossy brat I love so much.

My roommate is less thrilled with the results; she misses the love-sick overly affectionate Umbra. I'm just glad she's happy and healthy and I look forward to another decade with my sugar bun.

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