Saturday, March 3, 2012

Post-Op Update

Had a bit of difficulty getting Umbra to take her pain meds this morning. I thought I'd skip the hassle of trying to get her to take it orally in the most direct sense, and made a yummy mash of bananas (her favorite treat) and applesauce. Silly me for assuming. After searching HRS for tips, I discovered that the trick is to insert the syringe behind the incisors.

Still, Umbra was exhibiting a loss of appetite. Luckily, this has begun to pass as well. Last night she only had a bit of lettuce, and now she is eating hay. Oddly enough, she's not interested in pellets.

Other than that, much of the sluggishness has worn off, but not as much of the crankiness. I did get one kiss on the nose though =].

Click here for the House Rabbit Societies tips on administering medication here.

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