Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Pricy Pal

Would I have gotten a rabbit if I had known the price? Yes, I feel like the benefits are worth it but it is definitely something you should consider (seriously) if you are looking for any kind of pet. Especially with "small pets", people think that they will be less expensive than, say, a dog. In my opinion, this is a big reason rabbits do not make good "starter" pets, although I use the term grudgingly: it makes a living thing sound like furniture.

I don't want to completely give rabbits a bad name though. As I said, I have benefited a lot from bringing Umbra into my life. The most obvious are the feeling of fulfillment from caring for another living thing and receiving affection in return. For me personally, Umbra has made me a bit neater: I can't just leaving things laying around and expect that they won't be destroyed by time I return. We also share a lot of fresh veggies. Finally, owning a dog or cat requires a $500 pet deposit at my apartment, and not for buns (because they are "caged pets"... but I think you can keep a secret.. Umbra doesn't live in a cage).

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