Sunday, March 4, 2012

Post Op day 3

Not much of a difference today so I'll keep this short and sweet. Umbra's appetite has been getting better. She's still avoiding pellets but she had more lettuce and hay and preferred her meds with banana today (classic Umbra, she likes to be difficult).

Other than being more skittish and growly than usual, everything is going well.

My only concern is that she will never forgive me and go back to being affectionate. Sure, she was a little too friendly (if you catch my drift, and you do if you've had an unaltered mature rabbit), but I miss the cuddling and kisses and the flops and binkies and playing tag (even if it was one sided, Umbra likes to be "it"). Anyone else experience post op bunny syndrome?

On the bright side, here's a great video by the Humane Society of America about the most basic bunny needs to consider before bringing a bun into your home.

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